Court reporting SCHOOLS

Once you've decided that you want to pursue a career in court reporting, you need to decide where to learn your trade.

Keep in mind that some students learn court reporting on their own, never even attending a teaching program of any kind. This is a very tough option and I don't suggest it.

Selecting the proper court reporting program is probably the biggest choice you'll make.  I suggest taking your time. If there are local schools, visit them first.  Find out what theory they teach.  Find out the cost.  Speak with teachers and current students. 

Thanks to modern technology, you can also learn court reporting online from home.  Just make sure you have the self discipline to work on your own. Many online programs are so complete, it's almost like being in a classroom.

Bad signs to look for

Sadly, some court reporting schools will say or do whatever it takes to get you to sign up.  Be realistic - they are running a business designed to make money.  Teaching you stenography is what they do, but it's not because of the kindness in their hearts. 

Be wary of programs that tell you you'll be out and reporting in less than 2.5 years.  Is that possible?  Yes.  Probable?  No.  Some will even tell you 18-24 months.  Run for the hills.

Be wary about a program that does not let you speak with current students. Programs should have nothing to hide.

Be wary about programs that focus all of their attention on their day program, while neglecting their night program.  If you plan to attend at night, make sure you speak with night students.